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99 Flavors, another of Various Inc.’s risque ventures along with and, is an adult site for the sexually adventurous—singles, couples, and every arrangement in between.A community of personalities who wants to explore, widen, or satisfy their sexual appetite, 99 Flavors makes sure you get to know your possible sexual partner (or partners) first before hooking up.For starters, you will be asked to identify your status (man, woman, trans, or a couple) and what type of partner (or partners) you're looking for. ” 99 Flavors will ask your birth date, country, and ZIP code.The third form will be for your contact details: email address, username, and a designated password.This test gauges how sexually experienced you are by ticking yes or no to 100 ”Have You Evers.” Questions include the member’s masturbation antics, sexual encounters, and pornographic preferences.In this essay type activity, you may opt to answer purely sexual queries such as your current bedroom activities, accessories, interests, and fantasies.

The fourth one will ask your race, body type, sexual orientation, and marital status.

But aside from those, you will also find the following on anyone's profile page: This section displays the photo thumbnails of all the friends you've made in 99 Flavors.

As the name suggests, Bling is an icon you can create or purchase to show your individuality.

Making use of the lengthy kink list members hopefully filled out, My Kinks will display the fetishes the user responded to.

Hover your cursor on an activity to see how kinky they wanted it to be.

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