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The price depends on how fresh are e-mails and if the have been worked out already.

This is where e-mails to your private e-mail box "out of the blue" from the Russian girls come from. Sometimes "mailbox fillers" do their dirty job, and "bosses" then re-sell the filled up mailboxes to other scammers, for further work. Once again, they try more and more often to use socks proxies.

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Again, for the webmasters: if you accept credit cards and Pay Pal, and some girl pays, but looks Russian: judging from her picture, from the bad English in her profile which looks like online translator, and most importantly if she starts mass-mailing men, delete such profile immediately and refuse the payment! IP bans and IP checks are not as effective as they used to be: nowadays almost every "scammerito" knows about socks proxies.

The EPO is committed to making it possible to send all EPO communications electronically, in all proceedings and to all addressees.

Smart card access Access Mailbox with a secure smart card connection.

The Mailbox service allows professional representatives to receive communications from the EPO online.

The list of communications that can be received electronically via the Mailbox has been updated.

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