Fake dee ryo interoffice dating

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RSCloud is missing to God only knows where and during a problem Reno encounters, he ended up finding the missing savior. Roronoa Zoro's dream is to become the world's greatest swordsman. 'No Yuu-chan, I'm missing words…' His mind whispered to his mouth, but his lips refused to move anymore... England is prepared to fend them off, but can he do it? Banished to the back of the shadow realm and Malik's mind, Mariku has been alone for a long while, wishing for anything to cure the boredom. Balthier X Vaan Alfred discovers the horrors of fanfiction and reads about a supposed scene, or ten, that took place between him and Arthur when he was younger. A hunter from Train's past, once thought dead, reappears to end what started years ago. Watari's wallowing in loneliness and depression; enter Muraki. While Tidus appreciates the help, he realizes he's starting to appreciate "other" aspects of his silver-haired friend a lot more than he wants to.Stuck on a jungle island after his helicopter caught fire, Reno see's just how bad the situation is. When certain circumstances lead him from his course of travel, Zoro will have to make the hardest decision of his life. But when he realizes something else IS there, he would give anything to be alone again. Train, though, has no want to finish the fight, and had come to terms with it. The doctor has taken to seducing Watari, and the scientist is defenceless against his advances. Shounen Ai - Tidus/Riku When the survivors a brutal attack are transferred to another base, young Cloud is quickly noticed.At least she gets to see her superiors making out on desks.Yaoi Ryou is not the kind, innocent boy that he often appears to be, and Mariku is forced to learn this the hard way. Funny that beneath his child-like cruelty and demeanor, Gilbert finds a heart of gold and even darker past than his own.YMMV • Radar • Quotes • (Funny • Heartwarming • Awesome) • Fridge • Characters • Fanfic Recs • Nightmare Fuel • Shout Out • Analysis • Tear Jerker • Headscratchers • Trivia • WMG • Recap • Ho Yay • Image Links • Memes • Haiku • Laconic A pair of manga and a one-shot anime by Sanami Matoh that takes the Ho Yay inherent in many buddy cop films and follows it to its natural conclusion.

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Luckily the Uchiha brothers are experts in professional treachery and more than willing to give him tips...whether he wants them or not. BL, 18D, XD-rape, SD: Dino had always been drawn to dangerous things, despite his clumsy nature. After falling down a hole, meeting an enigmatic cat-boy, and struggling hard to stay, you know, *alive*, Axel's starting to get kind of fed up with this forest. Unfortunately for him, NONE of them seem to show any signs of giving up. Wanting to love, loving, and wanting are all very different things, as the two boys discover. Meeting again after seven years, Larry knew instantly that something was wrong with Phoenix's head. On an unexpected event, Kanda and Allen are forced to be parents or was it forced? When they both take their respective places in the mafia, they find time for the other every so often. Intense romance comes late in fic They were two different souls, chained together by an accident of Fate. I'v just been so crazy lately, it seems that my brain has melted... sorr When a predominant angst writer makes an attempt at comedy, the results are priceless. At the end of Dracula Alexander decides to continue live on becouse he met a certain person and fall in love with him. Barely having survived his final battle with Cloud, Sephiroth wants to find a place to be alone. Luckily, an unwilling helper has quite literally fallen into his lap.

He's been imprisoned in an oubliette somewhere and now Edgeworth, with a little help from his friends, must race against time to save him from his Nemesis' clutches.

Px EWhat would it be like to be the secretary for SOLDIER? She's been filling up coffee mugs, slipping antidepressants and relaxers into the water, and preventing deaths for years.

Miles desperately needs a way to get rid of an unwanted admirer, and what better way is there than to pretend to date his very male, straight best friend and rival?

It sounded so foolproof in his head...[Aku Roku] It’s funny how life doesn’t always work out how we want.

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