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The definition varies; for instance, the California Corporate Disclosure Act defines "executive officers" as the five most highly compensated officers not also sitting on the board of directors.In the case of a sole proprietorship, an executive officer is the sole proprietor.

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In the US, the term chief executive officer is used primarily in business, whereas the term executive director is used primarily in the not-for-profit sector.In the case of a partnership, an executive officer is a managing partner, senior partner, or administrative partner.In the case of a limited liability company, executive officer is any member, manager, or officer. Subordinate executives are given different titles in different organizations, but one common category of subordinate executive, if the CEO is also the president, is the vice-president (VP).In these countries, the CEO presides over the executive board and the chairman presides over the supervisory board, and these two roles will always be held by different people.This ensures a distinction between management by the executive board and governance by the supervisory board. The aim is to prevent a conflict of interest and too much power being concentrated in the hands of one person.

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