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Dre produced two songs on the album, to help mend fences.

Rolling Stone 's Arion Berger gave it three stars, but complained that her rhymes were "endless old–school sass with no point deeper than striking a pose." Time 's Farley also had a mixed reaction: "Her rapping is more controlled and confident, though she sometimes sacrifices coherence for rhythm, spouting half–thoughts and sentence fragments just to keep her flow going." But the album also included a more creative mix of music, including reggae and Latin horns, and she let down her guard for the hurt of "Life Is So Hard," which she called her favorite song on the album, a soulful duet with R&B singer Teena Marie.

They recorded an album, which helped cement Eve's interest in a music career.

After graduating from high school, Eve dedicated herself to breaking into the music business and began auditioning for a record deal, while working at a record store in Philadelphia and, briefly, at a strip club in New York City (an experience she will not talk about in interviews anymore).

The press responded by endlessly repeating her self–description as a "pit bull in a skirt." Actually, she was striking a balance compared to other female rappers.

"It established her persona—sexy but not pornographic, in your face but somewhat introspective," wrote Christopher John Farley in Time, while Newsweek 's Ali described her as "playing as tough as the boys, but with a stealthy female elegance.

Producer of television shows, including: Eve, 2003—.

Joined Ruff Ryder hip–hop collective, 1998; appeared on Bulworth soundtrack, 1998; appeared on compilation Ryde or Die Vol.

Eve was born to a single mother and grew up in housing projects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She went through her teenage years without seeing her father and has said she has no relationship with him now. "Rock on the Net: MTV Video Music Awards 2001," 6, 2004).

Eve described her next album, 2002's Eve–olution, as more melodic.

It featured more neo–soul singing mixed in with the raps.

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