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This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen and an extremely stressful case of crunch time, but according to DWTS pro Tony Dovolani, this is completely normal.“People don’t get to wear their costumes until dress rehearsal.The producers feed off these rumors to manufacture storylines.As much as the show is a real competition, when it comes to editing there are specific things they want to highlight.As it turns out many of the cast members are recruited for the show, but are constantly getting pitches from fans on celebrities they’d like to see on the show.Katz said the most common celebrity request is for Jennifer Aniston!The network will push their own agendas that have to do with ratings and making money, but they give the producers are given a lot of free reign to decide what will be right for each season and the high up execs rarely intervene with their process.4 When the performances go live, the judges only have about three to four seconds to write down the score they want to present.

2 The costumes aren’t made until a few days before the show and usually aren’t finished until the final hour before the show begins!

They write it down on a piece of paper, hand it to Carrie Ann who then passes it along to a producer nearby.

Even though the decision needs to be made right away, they typically know what score they are going to give 3/4 through the performance, but they don’t write it down until last minute because anything can happen right up until the end!

Beginning way back in 2005, Tom Bergeron currently hosts alongside Erin Andrews for the ongoing 23rd season!

Such a long running show means whatever producers are doing behind-the-scenes, they are definitely doing something right!

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