Dhcp not updating dns on domain controller tao of dating ebook

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Sometimes it’s necessary to change the IP address assigned to a DC, for instance when there’s a change of IP addressing scheme on the local subnet, and this process can cause some concern for administrators due to the critical nature of DCs.However, assuming the DC is not hosting any other roles, changing the IP address shouldn’t pose any serious difficulties.I do not have the acquired company DNS in my AD-integrated zone.I host two zones:company.comcompany.local As you correctly identified I am utilizing a split-DNS configuration. if = the domain you're forwarding, this would become the authorative DNS server for your internal clients./registerdns would apply.

"-d" for debug NSUPDFLAGS="-d" # krbcc ticket cache export KRB5CCNAME="/tmp/dhcp-dyndns.cc" # Kerberos principal SETPRINCIPAL="[email protected]$" # Kerberos keytab # /etc/dhcpduser.keytab # krbcc ticket cache # /tmp/TESTUSER="$($WBINFO -u) | grep 'dhcpduser')" if [ -z "$" ]; then logger "No AD dhcp user exists, need to create it first..Any questions or problems, ask on the Samba mailing list.As a critical part of your IT infrastructure, domain controllers (DC) should be assigned a static IP address so that they can be reliably discovered across the network.Everything works correctly outside our internal network so I know I've got all of that setup properly. I guess all I needed to do what make this post and the issue would resolve itself. Clearly there was some time value (TTL) set that hadn't expired yet, but I just checked and it forwarded correctly.It's pretty simple IMHO I'm just forwarding (HTTP redirect) their domain name to our company's domain name so you don't see the old company any longer. I had (more than a few times) typed ipconfig /flushdns and also "clear cache" from DNS snap-in from BOTH DCs and even replicated between them.

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