Default global address list exchange 2016 not updating

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Because the files were not changed recently the error message was downloaded and the client could not download the files.

To summarize – we have an OAB that is not updating and clients that cannot update their local copies because the copies are too old.

The offline address book contains the properties of a user, such as email addresses, that Microsoft Outlook requires to send an email message and display information about the sender.

So this is not limited to Exchange 2013, but the architecture upon which it is based.

Unfortunately this is not as simple to fix as just running Set-Global Address List, as there is no argument for that cmdlet to change that attribute. Launch and connect to the Configuration naming context.

Navigate to the Default Global Address List object. You may need to wait a short time for Active Directory to replicate the change.

I will be updating this article to see if I can find a version where this did not occur.

I am thinking either pre-CU7 or Pre-CU5 would be the place to find it.

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