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Sometimes there’s quest for connection between two secretly homosexual males or females and gay and lesbian dating sites are an outlet. Or is he/she putting family over your relationship?

Are you a lonely wife or husband whose spouse is never home?

Imagine the excitement and pure joy of connecting with someone who walks in your shoes and understands the simple and pure pleasure of a non-committed sexual reawakening.

Today, there are still many adult entertainment and swingers clubs where married men and women can go in search of extramarital adventures. Yet, like most bars and clubs, they are in the public domain and offer little in the way of a discreet and reliable encounter.

Traditional adult dating sites often cater to those looking for casual hookups and offer little discretion, leaving your infidelity/adultery open to public scrutiny.

It's typical human nature to be curious, to wonder about the great sexual unknown.

You're married and you have a reputation to uphold, not only for you, but for your family.

Do you really want to conduct an affair with someone who doesn't understand where you're coming from and what you really need? By creating a discreet profile on an adult dating website like Ashley, you control your message, your needs, and who you are looking for in your extramarital partner.

You're not looking for another spouse or commitment.

You're looking for a discreet, romantic interlude with someone who shares your lifestyle and appreciates your boundaries.

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