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She adds that Match has been watching Facebook’s moves “like a hawk” in markets like Canada, Colombia, and Thailand, where the company has offered a dating service that shows suitors outside of a user’s friend group.Match says that it hasn’t seen any discernible impact from Facebook’s entry in those regions.

Wall Street analysts initially questioned how many people would pay for Tinder, but the audience continues to grow.Match sees a big opportunity in Asia, which is home to some 300 million singles deemed to be within the company’s addressable market.For context, just 8.6 million people globally pay for one of Match’s properties, including its powerhouse, Tinder, which popularized the concept of swiping through faces to find matches.Users of a new Secret Crush tool can add friends to a private list.If two friends show up on each other’s “crush” list, Facebook will notify them of the match. The problem is that Facebook has to persuade its users to provide the company with their most personal data.

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