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The definition that best fits what I was taught when I learned Kung Fu is much more like the following one I found in Wikipedia: Kung fu, gongfu, or gung fu (功夫, Pinyin: gōngfu) is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete, often used in the West to refer to Chinese martial arts, also known as Wushu. They've never had it easy, so the work is part of the drawing experience. as: "any of various Chinese martial arts and related disciplines that are practiced especially for self-defense, exercise, and spiritual growth." This is NOT the definition that I want to use here.

Lvl 3 (COMING SOON)- You're a pro but now you want to leave the competition behind. It's taken you years to realize that all you know means you know nothing. Or better yet, sign up to receive more information via e-mail. He helps you learn them in small digestible steps so that they slowly become internalized and become automatic. You practice the small basic stuff and those things slowly become part of how you think. It wouldn't hurt, if your more advanced, to take a look at the most basic lessons, as a refresher course. Click on the highlighted level to go to the page and get started: Lvl 0 - You can't draw a stick figure or a straight line and it's darn embarrassing. By the time you're done with these lessons, you'll be the envy of all your other, non-drawing friends.(FREE digital book of this info is now available)(Beginner Art Bundles also available, in "Deluxe Version" and "Regular Version") Lvl 1 - The lessons in this level are for you who are comfortable drawing already and want to draw better and cooler things.Forget all that anatomy stuff and drawing realistic, lets have fun and draw cartoons! ) - Those who have achieved this level are said to have a mystical aura around them while they draw called, "The Glow." I can't help you if you don't ask. Is there something you've always wanted to know about drawing? I'll give you my best answer and, who know, probably write a post about it. You can learn all the principles of drawing very easily. can refer to any skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial THIS definition of Kung Fu sounds much more like drawing. This means, skill that requires work in order to improve it, can be labeled Kung Fu.

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