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In 2006, a group of archaeologists from the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol explored the potential of contemporary archaeology by performing an archaeological excavation of a Ford Transit Van (Schofield).Over a several month period, researchers Schofield, Bailey, Newland, and Nilsson excavated “three main stratigraphic layers in the rear of the vehicle: a carpet, a plywood lining and the metal body” (Newland).On this page, you will find descriptions of several of the most popular and useful methods that exist today.By far, the most well-known type of radiometric dating is method using the radioactive isotope of carbon, carbon-14.This is an interesting example of how contemporary archaeology can reveal patterns in modern society and shed light on their effects .We live in a material culture, one which produces a vast amount of waste and puts a large amount of emphasis on the importance of ownership.

Depending on what is being dated (what it is composed of, where it resides) some methods will be more effective than others.

Contemporary archaeology “focuses on the most recent (20th and 21st century) past, and also increasingly explores the application of archaeological thinking to the contemporary world” (“Contemporary Archaeology.”).

As the real-world applications of this new discipline have become apparent, more and more attention has been paid to this emerging field, such as when Jason De Leon, a professor who researches, among other things, contemporary archaeology at the University of Michigan, won the National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2013 for his work in this field.

This is how it is incorporated into life forms, both plants and animals readily incorporate atmospheric gases into their systems. Carbon-14 is a radioactive element, it spontaneously undergoes beta decay and forms Nitrogen-14, a stable isotope of a different element (one less proton).

When a life form is alive and undergoing some sort of respiration, it will be gaining C-14 at a relatively high rate (it will equilibrate with the C-14 in the atmosphere) and losing it to decay at a different rate.

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