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Deciding to join an online dating site should be a liberating feeling, you are ready to find love, ready to scour the country to find your soul mate.

Unfortunately you dont know where to start, with so many apps, sites and agencies about there are a number of options, all trying to grab your cash.

Kerstin’s task was to optimize the landing page to turn more visits into registrations.

Kerstin hypothesized that the landing page was confusing and too limited for first time visitors because it showed them just one profile (the profile of the person featured in the ad) with a call to action to “Join now for free” to see the full profile.

“This is one of the reasons website testing has become an important discipline for us, in an effort to make the website better.” the Guardian homepage they are taken to a landing page profile for the person pictured in the ad.” src=”” width=”273″ height=”312″ / Launched in 2004, Soulmates monetizes via paid monthly subscriptions.

She used Optimizely’s AB testing tool to track the number of successful registrations for both landing pages.

The variation landing page improved conversions by 46%.

The Guardian uses A/B testing across many of its webpages and properties.

Product managers like Kerstin Exner are encouraged to run A/B tests whenever possible, as long as a strong business case can be made for each experiment.

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