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But a token partner who likes curvier women doesn’t level the playing field when plus-size women are up against all of society telling them their body is wrong.

Watching conventionally attractive people going through relationship drama is entertaining in part because we know that if it doesn’t work out, they’ll be okay.

Look at the experience of Samira in last year’s Love Island. Samira was picked last in the first week, then experienced a string of rejections and was placed firmly in the friendzone.

Writer Danielle Dash said it was ‘hard watching Samira’s time in the villa play out’, noting that she hadn’t been ‘equipped with the infrastructure to succeed in love like her peers.’ For black women, watching Samira’s treatment wasn’t an entertaining experience.

A plus-size contestant would go through a similar thing, and it would be awful to watch.If you throw a plus-size person in there, they are the one that will be rejected.A sole plus-size contestant will experience all the rejection and judgement that anyone above a size 14 will tell you is part and parcel of the dating experience – but on TV, and in a group of other people considered the peak of physical perfection. She’s also a black woman, making her part of the demographic that most men on dating sites deem as less attractive than women of other races and ethnicities.Anyone who enters Love Island will have gone in there because the producers have deemed them attractive.They likely have hundreds of DMs from people thirsting over them.

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