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And in 2011, I embarked on an experiment that led me to a successful, long-term relationship.While finishing my undergraduate degree at UC Berkley, I conducted what was known as the 100-date experiment.Dating multiple women is an opportunity to diffuse your energy, learn more about yourself, increase self-esteem, and realize that you no longer have to settle in relationships.It’s supposed to also be fun and should happen at a point in your life when you are ready to enter or re-enter the dating scene.

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In addition to feeling attractive and desirable, you also may find that someone is usually available to hang out and spend time with you.It also prevents you from becoming on a single person, writes counselor Kathy Labriola in "Have You Considered Non-monogamy?? In 1993, Haddaway put music (and killer vocals) to the question arguably plaquing the world: What is love?When you’re dating multiple women at the same time, “dating” refers to the early stages of dating.If you are dating multiple women at one time and end up keeping a few of those women around for, say, a few to several months (without ever discussing exclusivity, or evading the discussion of exclusivity should it come up), then that’s not ok. If you have no interest in EVER being exclusive, make sure you are completely transparent about that in the beginning so you don’t leave anyone hurt, angry or confused.

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