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Because actual model numbers are not available, I’ve grouped the examples below by the physical materials of their construction — primarily by which combination of parts were made of nickel silver and which were brass — as well as by engraving patterns. These instruments have a silverplate finish with a different engraving style from Reynolds’ standard models and a large “U. The USAAF trumpet also has a slightly larger bell diameter (4-7/8″ vs.

The three parts that were variously available in nickel silver were the leadpipe, the balusters (upper valve casings) and the slide tubing coming from each valve. 4-5/8″ on standard Reynolds trumpets) that may have aided in greater sound projection.

The latter does not appear to have added the “Sterling” designation.Reynolds Professional B♭ Trumpet | Bell: brass bell | Body: brass with nickel-silver leadpipe, valve caps and valve slides | Valves: nickel-silver pistons | Finish: clear lacquer finish; optional silverplate with bright bell or gold bell finish Reynolds Professional “Sterling Deluxe” B♭ Trumpet | Bell: sterling silver bell with hand-burnished gold inlaid engraving | Body: brass with nickel-silver leadpipe, upper valve casings (balusters) and valve slides | Valves: nickel-silver pistons | Finish: clear lacquer finish; optional silverplate with bright bell or gold bell finish Reynolds Professional “Sterling” B♭ Trumpet | Bell: sterling silver bell | Valves: nickel-silver pistons | Body: brass with nickel-silver upper valve casings (balusters), trim and valve caps | Finish: clear lacquer finish; optional silverplate with bright bell or gold bell finish The late-model Professional trumpet was made at the Olds plant in Fullerton from c.1971-73 and does not appear to be related to the Reynolds “Professional” models made in Cleveland (see above), other than sharing the model name.This model appears to have been replaced by the Professional ERA trumpet in 1974. The King “Liberty” trumpets carried forward common design details like the Bb/A adjustment ring on the main tuning slide and extended “teardrop” drip stems on the bottom valve caps. may have supplied Vincent Bach with valves when the latter was starting out and that Foster Reynolds would have been very aware of the Stradivarius model, to which the Reynolds trumpets reportedly sound very similar when played side-by-side.Nicklas' trombone pages, at the U of Missouri website: data from Gordon Cherry, Bach, Besson, Conn, Holton, King, and Olds serial numbers Are You On The Web? Alto Horn Alto Trombone Bach Bach 37 Bach 42 Bach Stradivarius Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 37 Bach Trombone Bach Trumpet Bass Trombone Bass Trumpet Benge Benge Trumpet Besson Besson Trumpet Blessing Blessing Trumpet Buescher Trumpet Bugle C Trumpet Conn Conn Connstellation Conn Cornet Conn Trombone Conn Trumpet Cornet Mouthpiece Couesnon Courtois Custom Trumpet Double French Horn Eb Trumpet Euphonium French Horn Mouthpiece Getzen Getzen Cornet Getzen Trombone Getzen Trumpet Giardinelli Gr Harrelson Harrelson Trumpet Holton Holton Trombone Holton Trumpet Jet Tone Mouthpiece Jupiter Trumpet Kanstul Kanstul Trumpet King King Cornet King Trombone King Trumpet Leblanc Trumpet Marching Trombone Marcinkiewicz Martin Committee Martin Committee Trumpet Martin Trumpet Mellophone Monette Monette Trumpet Mute Olds Ambassador Trumpet Olds Cornet Olds Recording Olds Recording Trumpet Olds Super Olds Super Trumpet Olds Trombone Olds Trumpet Piccolo Trumpet Pocket Trumpet Reeves Reynolds Trumpet Rotary Trumpet Schilke Schilke Trumpet Selmer Trumpet Silver Trumpet Sousaphone Stomvi Student Trumpet Taylor Trumpet Trombone Mouthpiece Trumpet Bell Trumpet Case Trumpet Mouthpiece Trumpet Mute Trumpet Parts Tuba Mouthpiece Valve Trombone Vintage Cornet Vintage Trombone Vintage Trumpet Warburton Yamaha Cornet Yamaha Flugelhorn Yamaha Trombone Yamaha Trumpet bore. This Silver Flair has a great warm brassy tone with the silver design adding some high end overtones. International orders over 0 please add for full USPS insurance. If an item is damaged in shipping- please keep all packing materials and contact us immediately so we can file a claim. We can remove the neck or, if it is a set/thru neck, we can Fedex International for an additionalhappiness. We are a family-owned and operated business that happens to be Atlanta's favorite local music store. What's included in the sale 1933 HN White"King" Liberty#2 Model Bb Trumpet, Case, Manufacturer's Description The 1933 Catalog says"The New King Liberty No. Modern Bracing and Trimmings, giving better construction and added beauty. Refurbished Instrument Discounts The Music Shop understands that musical expenses can add up quickly. We offer discounts when purchasing multiple refurbished instruments at the same time. White Way#21, 1964 Trumpet Condition and Information: For sale by The H. When the Super 20 hit the music seen it was an instant sensation. The 2055 Silver Flair offers a.462-inch bore with a responsive 4.9-inch seamless bell for easy projection and control. They tried their ideas, tested them over a period of months, and finally produced a trombone with a vastly improved slide action and superb tonal quality. King"600" Model Bb Trumpet; American made by"King Musical Instruments. European cus This is a very beautiful professional 1985 King 2055T Silver Flair thumb trigger trumpet. It comes with a Blessing 5C and a Vincent Bach 5C mouthpieces. I can send picture of the email to serious buyers if you wish to read it. I only decided to sell this horn because i need the money.

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