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This kind of tableware soon became very popular in the United States due to its durability and low cost.In 1889, the Hanley pottery was opened, later the Alexander pottery, and in 1891 the Imperial Works Pottery.When Johnson Brothers was founded in 1883 by Frederick and Alfred Johnson, two grandsons of the founders of the renowned English pottery, J. was founded by two brothers named Alfred and Frederick who purchased a pottery factory in Hanley, England, in 1883.This was the period during which the popular "Summerfields" range was produced: a white background with pink flowers and buds around the lip, finished with a grey foliage and a black non-complete edging line.This facilitated a further restructuring of the company and expansion into new markets.Johnson Brothers was a British tableware manufacturer and exporter that was noted for its early introduction of "semi-porcelain" tableware.It was among the most successful Staffordshire potteries which produced tableware for the United States, from the 1890s through the 1960s.

However, World War II nearly halted production, and shipments to the U. Various plants in Britain, Canada, and Australia were purchased for decorating, glazing, and firing of pieces.In 1981, Johnson Brothers launched the famous "Heritage" range, including the most popular earthenware range of all time - "Eternal Beau".In 1995, the Hanley Pottery closed down and was soon demolished.Johnson Brothers gained Royal Warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother.The company was twice awarded the Queen's Award to Industry for their contributions to the British economy.

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