Dating ginger bottles

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Each of the green question hyperlinks result in a pop-up page showing the particular question on the Dating Page; once read it should be deleted to avoid clutter.

To return from other accessed hyperlinks, use the back arrow on your browser.

The bottles used for illustration are a small but diverse assortment designed to give users guidance on how to work a bottle through the dating information to answer the Homepage's primary question #1 - What is the age of the bottle?

) to the specific dating questions on the Bottle Dating page are included so that a user can reference the necessary portions of that page.

A user need go no further through the Dating page questions to refine the date further.

However, for example sake we will continue through the questions.

The bottle also does not have a ground down surface on the top of the finish.

(Note: The "I" can appear as a dot in the middle of this mark like with this bottle, though on most it is a more or less distinctive "I".)Reading down through the narrative in Question #11, we find out that the number just to the right of the Diamond-O-I mark is the last two digits of the year the bottle was manufactured, which on this bottle is a "46".

So at this point we know that this bottle was made in 1946.

This dating engine will estimate the age of your pottery bottle based on its various attributes.

Enter each of the following attributes of your bottle.

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