Dating gibon pickups

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It's most likely a combination of factors rather than any single ingredient, but there's something about the way that even an entry-level USA Gibson sounds that makes us grin from ear to ear.

Even the LPJ's maple neck (a departure from traditional mahogany) doesn't seem to dilute the unmistakeable stamp of Les Paul identity across all of its core tones.

Who are we to argue with the guys that built the original?Secondly, the phase cancellation also cancelled some of the guitar’s high frequencies, whilst reinforcing the lower frequencies. Thick, rich, powerful guitar tone that has characterised the tone of Les Paul instruments ever since.The PAF is no longer available, but Gibson has a far wider range of pickups that offer classic PAF tones and beyond.For anyone who has ever lusted after the 'real thing' but been forced to settle for a lesser axe due to the cruel mistress that is economics, this is a big deal.The LPJ is a notch above an Epiphone in the grown-up guitar stakes, but it's pretty far removed from the look of the Goldtops and Bursts that generate tremors in the nether regions of guitar nerds.

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