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Having confidence gave me the freedom to be a better version of myself.The other parts of me were enhanced – or at least they started to be conveyed more authentically to others.I vowed to overhaul my health and began exercising regularly and making better food choices.Although the process of losing weight took discipline, and some days back from the gym I felt exhausted and ready to chow down a Big Mac, this simple formula did the trick relatively quickly.When I lost weight, for the first time in a long time I was happy, and therefore morphed into a guy that women actually wanted to be around. According to my girlfriend, I am a more attractive man now simply because I am confident.Reflecting on how far I’ve come, I know she’s right, and that we would’ve been together from the start if I were as confident then as I am now. My self-esteem was low, I felt I had little to offer in a relationship, and that some women were simply out of my league.

Fast track 5 months, when we finally did get it together, I realized it wasn’t about that at all.

Although having a wallet enabled me to meet girls with relative ease, the better looking ones needed convincing (or at least be paid a premium).

Even my Thai girlfriend at that time, who seemed to have hit the jackpot with me and my open wallet (“what operation for which family member am I paying for this time? I wasn’t a particularly happy person, and it certainly wasn’t life affirming to lose the interest of a girl who I was effectively paying a salary to.

Cupid’s Library features a list of online dating sites catering to Big, Beautiful Women (BBWs) or Female Fat Admirers (FFAs).

A while ago, I was a slovenly and overweight 31 year old man. I settled for girls that I knew weren’t right for me because I didn’t have the confidence to pursue those who were.

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