Dating dunhill tins

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Do be careful and take excessive time smoking this one or your tongue and pipe will get quite HOT! It will stay lit but you are better off let it die from time to time just to slow up the smoking.

BTW - this is my 1st review so be gentle and give me constructive criticism.

This is at best a two and a half star blend at best.

Pipe Used: Boswell hunter Age When Smoked: Fresh When smoking aromatics, I tend toward those that are blended with some Cavendish, so I needed to work through a few bowls with an understanding that the pace of the puff and the underlying flavors would resemble more or a straight Virginia/Burley blend.

I recently got back into smoking pipe tobacco again, I only smoked cigars for about a year, but I'm back now and this was the first thing I picked up to get me back into it. I used to only smoke aromatics but I think all the cigars made me not like the cased/chemical taste in them now, so I'm sticking to Virginias this time around.

This is a mild smoke, I've had about 4-6 bowls of it so far and I can say I'll be picking up another tin.

The flavor really starts to come out around mid-bowl.

This blend reminds me of the Green Amphora (Rich Aroma) that I smoked for years before Sara Lee sold out their interest and restricted the import into the US.

It is my idea of a true Danish Cavendish that has been pressed, aged and then partially rubbed out. Although the compostion of Burley and VAs and the smoking characteristics are ~ to the old Amphoras (some blends now sold in the US as Skandinavik), the tin aroma and taste are different and also remind me of popcorn.

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