Dating an abused man

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Abusers can often be charming, but there's no depth to that charm.

Now you're familiar with the pattern you should be able to pick up clues as to whether they’re abusers or genuinely nice people.

He rarely smiles…and when he does, his smile never reaches his eyes…so it looks more like he is smirking or sneering.

You can never see through his facades and it becomes even more of a mystery.

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There's an understandable reluctance to expose yourself to what might be more of the same.

It’s a good way to start to believe in yourself again. Be as idealistic as you like, and once again, write it all down. Take a trip by yourself; you'll come back stronger and more confident, with a greater sense of yourself.

Refer to if often, and believe you can have a relationship and person like that. Make sure you treat yourself well, with little gifts just because you deserve them.

So, how does a sane, rational girl approach the prospect of building a relationship with such a daunting man?

Like with other types of men, the emotionally broken man craves what is missing in his life…and, if he thinks he has it all, he will be wondering why he feels incomplete. Like with a survivor of a horrific event, it will take time for a human being to heal and they need all the patience and help they can get.

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