D3 stuck at updating tools

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If that doesn't help, delete the folder Battle.net/Agent (probably in your Application Data or App data directories, use search if you can't find it). This is helping people with some updating issues, don't know if it will fix yours.

d3 stuck at updating tools-21

(Also note: My solution makes dashed links look terrible, so I've made them light blue instead.) This bug has been reported to Microsoft, but so far they seem to have denied or ignored it. What this little piece of wonder does, is go over all the link nodes every tick of the animation, and re-add them to the DOM.The only source of information I can find that seems relevant is this SO post: Element doesn't appear in IE7 until I edit it through Developer Toolbar However, I'm fairly new to svg, so I haven't the slightest idea how to port the fix described there to svg (that fix was for an html element) Maybe this will help someone get headed in the right direction? =\ Update: As it turns out, this issue is related entirely to markers.This fiddle is the original code but with markers removed, and the links show up just fine.The only difference I could see is that IE didn't show solid arrow heads for some of the links, and that could easily be resolved just by setting the fill styles for those marker types. It's difficult to make suggestions without being able to reproduce the problem, but one thing you might want to try, is setting the path properties directly in the SVG rather than via the CSS.UPDATE: Looking at the images you've added, that's definitely not what I'm seeing in IE9 or Net Renderer's version of IE10. So on the first Here's a codepen example using a static version of the markup.

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