Consolidating democracy in south korea

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This assessment must go beyond the current rhetoric of liberal democracy, and recommend steps toward institutionalising meaningful checks and balances on power.Unfortunately, this balanced approach is largely absent in the contemporary democratic practices of Bangladesh.Bangladesh’s political leaders must come to a resolution, finding a way to peacefully and fairly conduct the next general election and steer the country toward a practice of stable democratic changes of government.Democracy requires a politics of accommodation and compromise, but this appears to be missing among the dominant political parties in Bangladesh.A period of military-backed emergency rule ended with a landslide victory for the Awami League (AL) alliance, led by the current prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, in the parliamentary elections of 29 December 2008.

To this end, the democratic system needs to be reassessed in the light of Bangladesh’s historical notion of governance, its political culture and its colonial legacy.

Extended caretaker rule, from 2007 to 2008, and abortive military intervention through an attempted coup in January 2012 are notable examples of the fragility of democracy in Bangladesh.

Unless democratisation of the political parties takes place first, their leaders are unlikely to behave democratically in parliament — instead, they will continue to promote their coterie’s interests rather than the interests of the wider public.

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