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Hailley: First up is the biggest social network on the block, Facebook.

Let’s start with what we know about the Facebook algorithm.

Linked In, on the other hand, is looking to status updates from that share more openly.

We’re fortunate to have an inside look at the various algorithms that power the world’s biggest networks.

For this reason, one of the main things we know about Twitter’s algorithm is that timing is critical.

Your tweets will be served to a smaller group of users first to measure engagement.If you keep these things in mind, post consistently and keep your profile up to date, we have full confidence that you’ll be staying on the right side of Facebook’s algorithm. The sections are, ranked tweets which are recent and relevant, in case you missed it which is for older but relevant tweets, and then the remaining tweets which are in reverse chronological order.Brian: Now the tricky thing is that users can choose to remove the feature to have Twitter show them the best tweets first, which means their timeline is simply in reverse chronological order.Engagement is key, likes, replies, and retweets weigh heavily in the algorithm and so does native content.And the credibility of the person posting is of course, also a big factor here.

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