Chris drama pfaff dating chanel

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Chanel West Coast is the stage name for Chelsea Chanel Dudley.

Chanel is a professional rapper, singer and songwriter.

Chanel began recording music albums at a young age and during those early days she was introduced to famous skater and entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek.

When they met, Rob had begun his career as a TV personality on MTV.

From these tough beginnings, Chanel learned to work hard to make her life better and was able to support herself.

With time, she was eventually able to support her mother as well.

She gained popularity among fans because of her beautiful appearance and funny personality.

The media speculated that she was trying to give a hint at being a mother but they were wrong.

When asked in an interview about certain aspects of her personal life Chanel said that she values her privacy and would like to keep things to herself.

There was once a rumor that suggested Chanel was pregnant.

The rumor proved to be false and was a misrepresentation of an incident related to Halloween where she dressed up as a Mummy.

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