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Mushroom hunting was one of the most dangerous tasks since the beginning of time, with over 80 poisonous species documented today, there was a very likely chance of coming across one of them while foraging causing poisoning and death.Yet it was the mushrooms beauty, flavor, and texture that continued to lure people into discovering thousands of more species.Scientists found an ancient human footprint in Chile dating at least 15,600 years ago, making it the earliest evidence of human presence in the Americas.It took more than a decade of digging at the site, but archaeologists have finally confirmed their discovery of the oldest human footprint ever found in the region.It’s in the realm of fungi that we discover how much food connects us back to the earth, with mushrooms rooting us to our ancestors.Mushrooms date back to ancient times, with archaeological evidence of edible mushrooms found in Chile dating back to 13,000 years ago.We recommend Chef Rocky Maselli’s recipe for Farro Pasta and our paleo spinach, mushroom and farmer cheese crepes.To recreate this dish, be sure to check out our store locator for our Plain Organic Whole Milk Kefir and Farmer Cheese.

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Previously, scientists found a human footprint south of Osorno that's been dated to around 1,000 years more recent than the new print.One major reason why mushrooms are considered a superfood is their ability to eradicate viruses including flu and smallpox, bacteria such as salmonella and E. They carry cancer-fighting powers because they have the protein lectin, which binds to abnormal or cancer cells and labeled for destruction by the immune system.Research suggests that introducing mushrooms to the diet may help fight against breast cancer, hepatocellular cancer, uterine cervix cancer, gastric cancer, and acute leukemia.Apparently, the invitation is open to anyone who wants to show up.Marlen Doll decided Chile's victory over Australia was such a wonderful achievement she needed to celebrate. UPDATE: She's upped the ante, find out what happens when Chile beat Spain!

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