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“For the last, like, five, six years before [they split], they were always arguing all the time.” Eric and his brother were relieved to hear their parents were splitting up.

After their years of fighting, they understood their parents weren’t good for each other anymore.“It’s funny because it’s only much later that you realize how much the way your parents interact with you forms your relationship,” he said.

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Like her, they had sprawling networks of step-relatives and had to split their holidays between families.

“Like, I’m only really starting to come to terms with that being married now.”Looking back on previous relationships, he realized he and his exes fed off of pushing each other’s buttons, something he’d seen his parents do countless time.

Like his mother, he found himself often quick to find fault.

Diamond’s broad categories of divorce reactions contain almost infinite variations. People may simultaneously hurt and learn from their parents’ breakup — humans are all works in progress, after all.

That complexity was present in the accounts of the millennial and Gen X children of divorce interviewed for this story.

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