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Songs like “Shut Up and Drive,” “It Was,” and of course, “Single White Female” shot singer/songwriter Chely Wright to the top.

Coming from a country household, Wright knew she wanted to be a country singer at the age of 6.

Herndon chose made his debut on the country charts with the heartfelt hit single, "One Voice." His first album drew critical acclaim and accolades including a Grammy nomination.

Only five hours after Ty Herndon publicly revealed his sexuality, Gilman posted a video on his You Tube channel that revealed that he also was a gay man.

He also adopted Svetlana Wright Peters, the daughter of his third wife, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright His wives were: Catherine "Kitty" (Tobin) Wright (1871-1959).

Olga Ivanovna "Olgivanna" (Lazovich Milanoff) Lloyd Wright (1897-1985).

The candid video drew in thousands of views in only a few hours and helped to drive more discussion on the impact of sexual orientations in country music.

is one of the most influential songwriters in Nashville currently and has co-written some of country's biggest hits.

With the release behind her and her “Story and Song” tour winding down, we caught up with Chely just after her Santa Monica show at Mc Cabe’s Guitar Shop.Her talent and confidence caught the attention of country’s most iconic artists including “Mr. He even asked her to be “the girl singer” in his band.Considering the last “girl singer” Wagoner had in his band was Dolly Parton, who could turn that down?It’s just crazy and awesome that this could be the case. I was talking with a friend after my show and she was asking how this run was going, and if playing the east coast is different than playing the west coast. When fans come to see me, they know what they’re going to get.They know that I love to talk, which is why we’ve been calling this tour “Story and Song.” At this point in my career, I feel like the stories are just much the meat and potatoes as the songs themselves.

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