Channel 4 online dating show

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She’s an up and coming Insta queen who wears her heart on her sleeve, is very trusting and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He has 400k fans globally across different platforms.Strategy: Aiden plans to play the game just as she plays out her life on social media – with the perfect pout and the perfect banter. Strategy: Alex wasn’t very popular at school and so has decided to play the game using the photos of someone he thinks has the potential to be even more likeable than he is – his girlfriend.The Circle is Channel 4’s brand new reality TV offering and it’s all focused on our obsession with social media.

Strategy: Dan thinks that everyone on social media is selling themselves, so as the ultimate salesmen he believes he has a huge advantage in the game. But even if there was no prize money, I’d still want to do this because it’s a challenge and it’s new.He absolutely loves the ladies, but there’s no-one he’d rather spend time with than his beloved mum.Strategy: Mitchell is going to be totally himself in The Circle.In a nutshell: Dan is a former estate agent who prides himself on his charming sales skills.He describes himself as ambitious, honest, impatient, caring and loyal.

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