Cellvalidating in c

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This makes more sense when we think about a Text Box column.We would not want the Cell Value Changed event firing every single time a letter was added to a person’s last name.** I do not wnat to validate at the database level. Hi, I'm using the cellvalidating event on a datagridview. How can I disable the cell validating event for the rows that was added before??? Further, let’s say that you’d like to know as soon as the user has made a change to their selection.How can I fix #9 below so the "NULL checking" works ?

It turns out that this is trickier than it might seem and doesn’t work great out of the box from .

For this reason, before preforming any action, it checks to see when the current cell is dirty or not. The form loads by default to only handle the Cell Value Changed event itself, which means we will immediately notice the problem at hand.

Changing the active status for a given person will not fire the event until some other object on the form is clicked and receives focus.

After looking into the problem at some length, MSDN actually seems to offer the best solution right on their Cell Content Click event page. I like that it tells us very specifically what has happened to the grid at the point in time when the event is raised and handled.

It’s important to note that this event will get called twice, once on changing the state of the cell to dirty (before committing changes) and once when changing the cell state back to ‘clean’ (after the changes have been committed).

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