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Scientists like to study them because a generation (from egg to adult) takes only 9 days. Here is how the imaginary part is supposed to happen: On rare occasions a mutation in DNA improves a creature's ability to survive, so it is more likely to reproduce (natural selection).In the lab, fruit flies are studied under every conceivable condition. That is evolution's only tool for making new creatures.

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Only mutations in the reproductive (germ) cells of an animal or plant would be passed on.

Mutations in the eye or skin of an animal would not matter.

Mutations in DNA happen fairly often, but most are repaired or destroyed by mechanisms in animals and plants.

It might even work if it took just one gene to make and control one part.

But parts of living creatures are constructed of intricate components with connections that all need to be in place for the thing to work, controlled by many genes that have to act in the proper sequence.

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