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See recommended best dating advice books for Christians and Christian singles.Find top Christian single books for men and women interested in being in relationship, Christian marriage advice books and general dating advice for Christians on love, romance, dating tips & more.This book is full of real and relatable content and focuses on growing you in your relationship with each other, but more importantly, with Christ.The author does not shy away from tough topics such as conflict, sex, finances and planning for your future marriage.The devotionals are based in Scripture and are not meant to replace personal Bible study or devotions, but it is a wonderful supplement.

While they don’t shy away from spelling out hard boundary lines, they do so with depth & explanations of why healthy boundaries are important.And Christian dating can be an even more confusing to navigate when you add in trying to find a suitable life partner and also glorify God.I am not an expert on dating and I made of mistakes during my young adult & teen years.So, go into your dating relationships with Christ as your foundation and let Him guide your choices.Remember that the partner you are seeking is meant to offer companionship, friendship, and partnership, not completion.

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