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It was unbelievable so no matter how tired you are or how overwhelming it is you really just have to kick it into gear and be present and have fun with the fans.

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He was excited to see her, even holding her hand as they cruised the room, leading her to believe that all was well. When Luca casually told Zoey that she was only hired because of her looks, she let him have it. She told him that he only supports her on his terms — that he’s always good for a pep talk, but whenever she starts succeeding, he tries to tear her down.

In true rom-com fashion, Luca tried to catch Zoey before she took off, but he was a split second too late.

(Hey, let’s just be glad he didn’t show up in the middle of Zoey and Aaron’s kiss, Freeform-style.) Elsewhere this week…

Azita Ghanizada: It’s really dark, to be honest with you, and I think it’s going to upset a lot of people.

The thing with Rachel, in general, her sexuality and the way that she deals with her "super senses" is very, very personal.

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