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WHAT MAKES IT SO HOT: The running water and upright position make it feel urgent (in a good way), the angle is just right for me, and it's perfect for spontaneous, quick and dirty sex or taking your time (falling into bed for round two afterwards all clean and warm feels great).Also, this position always pulled double-duty for me and my boyfriend when we were long distance.

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He puts his hands beneath my butt and lifts me up and down while thrusting into me.It may be a physically demanding position for him, but it makes me feel virtually weightless—and totally orgasmic.FUN PROP: The Claw is even more fun when you're greased up, so slick yourselves down with Johnson's Baby Oil Gel beforehand. The position that always does it for me is missionary!FUN PROP: A little vibrator like the Dame Fin, otherwise it's hard to reach my clit in this spot (it's usually not needed though).FAVORITE POSITION: I'm straddling him, reverse-cowgirl style, while he's propped up on his back in the bathtub and I'm bracing myself against the sides or the wall.

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