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You'll also need to be confident messing around with files and port forwarding.If you want your friends to be able to join the server when you're not in-game, you'll also have to leave your computer on to keep the server running.For easy multiplayer ARK gaming, Shared Game Server Hosting is the most popular alternative.This involves renting space on a larger, shared server.

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It is to reserve a spot as a vendor, and free to come out and shop the assortment of goods!Renting a private server isn't expensive, and it lets you create your own perfect ARK adventure.You might be tempted to start by looking at the cheapest server options available, but this guide will explain why there's more important things to look at before you start comparing prices.ARKs are space stations intended to house living organisms such as Humans, Creatures, and Plants.These ARKs were sent up prior to a global-level extinction event in which Element wiped out the Humans.

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