Ancient coptic manuscript dating from

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When he [approached] his disciples, [34] gathered together and seated and offering a prayer of thanksgiving over the bread, [he] laughed. Your god who is within you and [] [35] have provoked you to anger [within] your souls.

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When Jesus appeared on earth, he performed miracles and great wonders for the salvation of humanity.

After conservation is complete and the codex has been exhibited to the public, the codex will be given to Egypt, where it will be housed in Cairo's Coptic Museum.

The codex that contains the Gospel of Judas is the most significant discovery of ancient, non-biblical Christian or Jewish texts of the last 60 years.

After two unsuccessful resale attempts, Nussberger-Tchacos - alarmed by the codex's rapidly deteriorating state - transferred it to the Maecenas Foundation for Ancient Art in Basel, Switzerland, in February 2001, for restoration and translation.

The manuscript will be delivered to Egypt and housed in Cairo's Coptic Museum.

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