Ancient chinese dating system

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Because of these factors, especially a surplus of food, labor began to specialize and branch out away from just farming.When everyone did not have to farm all of the time to live, people began to become artisans and craftsmen.In addition, when peoples stayed rooted near one another, cultural and social bonds began to form.People began to do things in similar ways (it is a property of human nature to want to belong).

Some of the groupers found would have been nearly a meter long, indicating considerable fishing skill.

These were found with stone figurines in levels where earthen buildings had been flattened and destroyed, as though civilization had kept building atop their own ruins, or re-purposing land, as needs changed.

Evidence in the middle east shows pottery styles moving throughout the Arabian peninsula, especially during the late Halaf-Ubaid period, where painted pottery and flint arrowheads have been discovered in great number.

The first such excavation was at Tell Es-Sultan, just outside of Jericho.

Ancient mortars and grinding tools unearthed in a large mound in the Zagros Mountains of Iran reveal that people were grinding wheat and barley about 11,000 years ago.

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