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I once brought a box of Dunkin Donuts to a house of a Brahman family only to be told they don't eat them because they're made from eggs. She was born in Pakistan, but moved here in her early teens, so she was fairly Americanized. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this may have been a cultural thing, since every woman in her family was married ASAP and was a housewife.

Hindus and Christians and others are okay depending on how bound they are to tradition and family.

The men couldn't believe that her husband actually took the seat without second thought as opposed to insisting the wife keeps her seat. That sounds pretty similar to what I saw and experienced.

The woman I was with was Muslim, but her family follows Aga Khan, who's a descendent of Mohammed but is very Westernized - he lives in exile in Paris, and his daughter married the (white, Christian) son of the mayor of Dallas (incidentally, 3/4 of her family lives in Dallas).

I started pushing her a little more in the direction of buying clothes that made her look hot, without being skanky.

Her penchant for needing everything to be designer/high end meant that she had a great collection of lingerie from Victoria's Secret.

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