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I had been the top performer in my team for over a year and I had made it clear to my superiors that I expected nothing less.

The new position, however, caused some upheaval in my social live.

Whereas at our company headquarters it is okay to come to work unshaven and in a wrinkly shirt, my team would look immaculate: suits and ties for the men and two piece suits for women. Even though the women were young, they seemed rather frigid and sexless.

Their outfits were more functional professional than sexy professional. Ferhiye, the youngest of the two had a pretty face, was about a 1,65 meters and I guess weighed a bit more than she would want to.

She seemed smart, picked stuff up easily, but refused to smile.

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You can try Free Sex Chat right now absolutely free, with no software to download, and no registration required to start chatting!I also figured that if I was gonna work abroad I wanted to do it before we got children and before I was thirty.My gut feeling had decided almost immediately that I wanted to take the position, but I waited another week, in which I convinced my wife,, before I took the position.It was around four o'clock by the time I found my hotel room.The next morning I showed at up work less cleanly shaven and with quite a hangover.

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