Adult breast feeding chat room in area

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It would not be easy work, but the parents count on a well cared for baby.She asked me to stay downstairs, as the parents may frown upon a male helping with their babies.The parents are given her expressed (pumped) milk to feed their babies at nights and weekends.Nana will also do night calls if a baby is especially fussy or runs out of milk.

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My only rule is you cant tell another soul about this. If I wasn't changing a baby, I was holding one off that was hungry until one of Mary's breasts became available. A lot of times there would be a baby on each of her breasts during the day.

Each baby was assigned a number on their crib so it would be easy for me to keep track. She pealed away the nursing pad and put the hungry baby to the breast. I headed back to sit on the couch across the room from Mary and her baby.

I asked her where their formula was in their diaper bags. "Ummm so I had no idea..." She stopped me mid-sentence "It's ok James sweety. I have a rare condition where I produce an abundance of breastmilk, so I have found a way to capitalize on it.

She pointed to a chart listing the babies specific feeding and nap times. It was now clear that she was wearing a NURSING BRA!

She explained to me that mostly I would be handing her the babies when it was time to eat and changing them if she was busy feeding them. She undid the clip to her big white nursing bra, and a nursing pad was covering her nipple.

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