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The course has tele-training technique and practice training sessions, and also includes the Instant Confidence With Women program.

The information in this coach profile and wiki is verified by Dating Skills Review's Editors to be as objective, complete and close to the truth as possible.

In recent years, Adam has founded The Fearless Lover, Inc., an evolving suite of online and seminar enterprises which aim to guide men and women into their inner strengths and highest intentions, then communicate with each other in a powerful, passionate, compassionate and most importantly, mutually inspiring way.

His goal with The Fearless Lover is to effectuate, (), a buoyant life of diminished fear in all its forms, and a continuous opening of the heart into deeper, broader love as a daily practice -- no matter what.

Pushing his old iron bike up a rainy Castle Hill at Cambridge University, he was struck by the infiinity of love, which suddenly dwarfed his other studies and interests.

Beginning a journey into world spiritual traditions, he married young and fathered two sons, who continue to be his primary teachers today.

You can practically see her laughing the whole time, and then we collapse and peacefully soak in the sun.” That’s a happy picture vivid with action. Rather the reader sees and imagines me wrestling, and laughing, and collapsing with my little furry pal. And there’s room for her in the picture too, so she can see herself lying down next to me at the end.

Shiraz is better than “wine.” No Chardonnay (feminine), or Merlot (lazy). Example: If you love your dog, you might want to write: I love dogs! Rather, paint a picture of you relating to your dog that she can feel, see, enjoy and project herself into that picture… If you are funny, do not say you are funny – be funny. She will be drawn into that movie, as anyone would.

He is an accomplished author, speaker, film producer, mentor, coach, and teacher, having authored several books, many audio training courses, and more than 20 television shows.

Released Spring 2013 (and featured on ABC, KTLA 5 News, and The Huffington Post), The Boldness Code is a coaching consultation / session that helps men understand the most important thing they are lacking in the dating market – Intelligence.

These questions -- the things that make life worth living -- emerge here as "How can we attract an intimate partner?

" "How can we more deeply connect with an intimate partner? "The answers, of course, come with bold and rigorous self-understanding, practice and learning.

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