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But the real winner if you have Windows is the choices of "Stream 1", through 2 and 3 and "max".These are Windows Media Player real streams -- like the ones you get from the 2much site such as Live Cam Network -- smooth video and sound.She was struggling a bit to keep up the moves, the lingerie, reading chat and typing too. Also saw one nice BBW -- you don't see many large ladies on the smaller sites but she was having a nice time in her room with plenty of fans, though mostly writing in German so I couldn't work out most of it!Turn off your pop-up blocker to get into the free video -- it comes up in a new window.

That's almost four bucks a minute which is on the high side.

If you sign up with them, your show will be on 4 cam sites - extremchat.tv, 6-chats.com, 6and Cam Alley is also the same thing it seems but payment via The same company also now has a "house full of models and webcams" rather like the amsterdamlive or the Brazil voyeur, it's called Model Villa.

Seems to be the same site basically as 6-chats.com; mostly same girls -- same excellent streaming quality.

It's certainly worth a try, particularly considering there is no up-front credit card details needed, and if you have any more information about 1-Adult Chat.

TV, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.

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